1.    Remove the bandage after 2-3 hours.   If it  sticks, soak with water and gently remove.

2.    Wash very gently using mild soap.

3.    Keep it clean.  Think of a tattoo as an open wound vulnerable to infection.  Wash your hands before you apply cream or moisturizer.

4.    Keep it moisturized (do not use polysporin).  If it gets dry it will crack and will not heal well.  Put moisturizer on whenever it feels dry and tight.

5.    Do not immerse in salt water or pool water - this will delay healing and promote scabbing.

6.    Avoid sunlight for at least three weeks.

7.    If it gets itchy (which is normal due to the healing process) give it a light slap.

8.    DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK!  Any scab that is removed during the healing will remove colour and may cause scarring.

9.    If tattoo becomes infected contact your doctor.