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Lord's Ink is an old school tattoo shop with some of the best talent in Thailand, featuring an amazing artist with national and international experience in the public and underground sector in the tattoo world.  Combined with their unique styles and extraordinary customer service Lords Ink can satisfy any of your tattoo desires in creating beautiful art that will last for a lifetime.

What Clients Say About Us

5 star Awesome artwork and the best service around!

Joey Kombat



Best tattoo shop in the GTA / GTHA. Roger is an amazing artist!

Susana Silva

5 star Always great service, and the work always heals up great!

James Bailey


Top draw won't find better

Damon Pinder





The friendly vibe puts everyone at ease as you walk in the doors.  Buzzing machines, coffee percolating, and jokes.  A fun atmosphere... though we do take our craft very seriously.  We're proud of our little shop and constantly evolving gallery on our walls, and  of course, our amazing clients!  From spontaneous walk-ins to elaborate back pieces, we are honoured to drive needles into your flesh!

United Kingdom

This down-to-earth shop remains as unpretentious as it did when it first appeared on the scene.  Owner and tattoo veteran Lee Uttley brings his considerable experience and traditional know-how to the London Road space.  Professionalism is guiding principle of the shop; clients know that their ideas are treated seriously and each artist works hard to make them a reality.